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9 November 2015

Fall is here, we’re busy filling orders!

Lake City Long Range (LR) 308 – In Stock & Shipping.

⊕  Check out our Precision LR308 rifle build.

⊕  Seeking once fired .308, 7mm-08, .260 Remington and 6.5 Creedmoor brass.  Email us with a quantity and condition.




About Texas Brassworks

Lake City 308 Brass

We specialize in reconditioning once-fired, military / NATO head stamped 5.56 / 223,  7.62 / 308, and 300 Blackout brass cartridges. The passion for our business shows through our workmanship, and responsiveness to each of our customers. We have sold hundreds of thousands of pieces of brass across all 50 states, and over the past two years, tripled the size of our operation to meet the demands of our ever-growing customer base.  All of our 223, 300 Blackout and 308 brass comes looking as good or better than new, fully processed, and ready to reload.  We also offer attractive rates on a variety of services to include brass cleaning, processing, conversions, annealing, and advanced case prep.

Realizing there are many choices when it comes to buying once-fired brass, we aim to exceed your expectations.  We take pride in our work and feel our brass will surpass most others in terms of quality.  All of us at Texas Brassworks support the Constitution, and our Armed Forces!

We’re friendly and approachable, don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have questions.