Annealing and Brass Processing Service

Processing and Annealing Services

Save your
  • time
  • equipment
  • shoulder
with our brass processing services!

Our extensive experience and efficient process will recondition your expended brass back to “like-new”.  Skip the messy, time consuming steps involved with processing your brass, and spend more time on the trigger, and doing the things you enjoy.  We offer three levels of service to process and recondition your brass back to a ready to load status, as well as a myriad of additional options to meet your every need.  Our processing involves removing the primer, full-length sizing, swaging if required, and trimming.  We’ve built in some additional options below to accommodate different budgets.  Turn around times vary based on the season.  See ordering details below.

Below you will find our most popular processing/annealing packages and prices for our other various services. All pricing is per 500 quantity.

Processing Services Per 500ct


  • Fully Process
  • Lube Removal


  • Pre Clean
  • Fully Process
  • Stainless Steel Cleaning
  • Brilliant Polish
  • Annealing

Brass Processing Service

Step 1.  Click “Order Now!”

Pricing is per 500/ct.  If sending 2000 pieces, you would place a quantity of “4” into your cart.

Step 2.  Package.

  • Remove all LIVE AMMO,  STEEL, ALUMINUM, CRUSHED, BERDAN and LIVE PRIMED CASES.  You will be charged a sorting fee based on the amount of sorting required, no less than $10 per 1000.  Should a berdan primed case result in damage to a decapping pin or an assembly, you will be charged $10/pin & $25/assembly.  Sorting service is available – See “Additional Services” tab.
  • If sending multiple calibers, separate by caliber.
  • Include your name and return shipping address inside the box.
  • We recommend placing brass inside of a plastic bag & taping the box well.

Step 3.   Ship

USPS is the most economical method to ship us your brass.  We advise you to insure your shipment.  We will gladly prepare you a label with our economical insurance rates at your request.  We are not responsible for lost or damaged items.

Annealing Services

Standard: $0.10 / ea

Magnum: $0.15 / ea

Brass which has been reloaded several times begins to harden, thin, and weaken especially in the neck and shoulder area. These effects are likely to have negative impact on your accuracy, as neck tension will begin to diminish and the neck is at a greater risk of splitting.

Brass annealing positively effects the internal structure of the brass, extends its usable life and assists in reclaiming accuracy. Maybe you want to preserve hard to find brass, or you want to squeeze out another few reloads, annealing may be cost beneficial for you. No order too big or small.

More information regarding annealing HERE.

Brass annealing process – 750 degree tempilaq is painted on the inside of clean brass. Heat is applied to the neck and shoulder area until the tempilaq evaporates clear which indicates the neck has reached the appropriate temperature to anneal the brass. Cases are air cooled, not quenched. Any cases with visibly cracked necks are separated and sent back in a separate bag.

Additional Services

  • Flash Hole Uniforming:  $0.10/ea
  • Primer Pocket Uniforming:  $0.08 / ea
  • Chamfer & Deburr:  $0.08 / ea
  • Neck Turning: $0.15 / ea
  • 223 to 300 BLK Conversions:  $0.10
  • Sorting: $25 / 1000

We currently accept the following calibers for processing.  Additional calibers may be available on large volume orders.  Contact us if needed at

Rifle: .308 Winchester, 7.62 x 39, 300 Blackout, 6.5 Creedmoor, .260 Remington, 7mm-08 Remington, .223 Remington

Pistol: 9mm, 40 S&W, 45 ACP, 10mm, .380

Tips to help prepare your brass for shipment

#1:  USPS Flat Rate Boxes are the most economical means to ship brass.  Boxes are free at any U.S. Post Office.

Medium Flat Rate:  750ct .308; 1500ct .223; 3000 9mm

Large Flat Rate: 1300ct .308; 2500 .223; 5000 9mm

#2:  Line the box with a trashbag.

#3:  Place brass in plastic bags.

#4:  Fill remaining space in the box with a filler such as newspaper.

#5:  Thoroughly tape the box closed.

Shipping Addresses

For USPS SHIPPERS, please Ship to:

P.O. Box 1041
Cibolo, TX 78108

For UPS/FedEx SHIPPERS, please ship to:

725 FM 1103
Unit 1041
Cibolo, TX 78108