USPS Rate Increase

Today the USPS, FEDEX and UPS increased their postal rates.  The USPS rate increase was an average of 9.5% across the board.  We never like to hear about these sorts of increases, but they’re inevitable and we must adapt.  There were several other changes which can be read about with a simple google search.  One change worthy of noting is the discontinuation of online Commercial Base Pricing available when purchasing postage direct from  As of today, all online postage purchased through is now billed at the retail / counter rate.  We will continue to offer reasonable shipping rates.  Our rates have increased slightly, but will remain slightly below full price.  Insurance will continue to be 1.2% of the order total.  If you have any additional questions regarding our Shipping / Insurance policies, see our FAQ.

2016 Price Comparisons

  • Small Flat Rate Box

    USPS Rate:  $6.80

    Our Rate:  $6.50

  • Medium Flat Rate

    USPS Rate – $13.45

    Our Rate – $13.00

  • Large Flat Rate

    USPS Rate – $18.75

    Our Rate – $18.00

USPS Rate Increase

Happy Holidays from the US Postal Service!

Black Friday kicked off the 2015 holiday shopping season and as such, the U.S. Postal Service is doing whatever it can to keep from falling behind.  For the next month and a half, the chances of your package being delayed, or lost is far greater than any other time of the year.  However, there are ways to help keep your package on track, and avoid the stress involved with not receiving your reloading supplies on time.  Address!  The USPS must deliver to your address in order for us to get the goods to you.  Monitor your tracking numbers; if you have not received your pacakge within 4 days of receiving a shipping notification, immediately get on the phone with the USPS at 1-800-ASK-USPS and initiate a package trace.  Should a package go missing, the chances of it being found are far greater if you are proactive.  Asking a postal manager to locate a package which was last scanned at their facility, 15 days after it was initially scanned there isn’t going to make their job any easier.

And then, there are these situations….particularly, Kearny, NJ sort facility.  This USPS Sort Facility is the worse of the worse!  Why you might ask?  They refuse to acceptance scan parcels.  This is frustrating for us, as well as our customers.  Without an acceptance scan, the customer is left to think his/her package was not shipped.  On our side, it’s difficult to file an insurance claim if it appears as if we never shipped the package.

Here are a couple screenshots of what we’re talking about.  The first image is what “right” looks like. Notice the scans are complete, from when we initially created the label (bought the postage), to when the carrier picked up the package (acceptance scan), to all the points the package transited through prior to being delivered.

The missing tracking data is clear in this second screenshot.  The customer had the impression they would receive their item within 3 days, yet it was more than 3 days until it initially appeared in tracking.   Keep in mind the USPS Priority Mail is not a guaranteed service and the Postal Service does not consider a package lost until 30 days past the shipping date!

If you are reading this, and this situation applies to your package, there are two options.  What you might not know is the USPS has an internal tracking system which has additional information, not available to the general public.  If your package is caught in the postal system, you may try contacting your local USPS and ask nicely if they’ll check the internal tracking scans for your tracking number.  They may look at you strange, after all they are not accustomed to being asked this question as not many people know about the internal system.

Your other option is to call 1-800-ASK-USPS, navigate their system to speak to a customer service rep.  Explain to the representative you have a package that appears to be stuck in the system, which was not acceptance scanned, but was shipped.  They will open a case and are required to get back to you within 3 business days.  Typically, a postal manager from the USPS facility where your package was last scanned (internally) will call you with an update.  If all else fails, and the USPS has truly lost your package, simply let us know after the 20th business day, and we will initiate your claim.  All of our packages are fully insured against loss. We’ll either offer you a refund, or re-ship your package at no additional cost.

processed Lake City 308 Brass Processed 308 brass WCC 308

Mixed Military Headstamp

Now Available!  Processed 308 Mixed Military Headstamp Brass.

You asked, we delivered.

Lake City is the one headstamp most reloaders associate with military brass.  The Lake City Ammo Plant has the main contract to provide ammunition to the military for training and combat purposes.  In those times of a shortage, supply is supplemented by other contracted ammunition plants capable of mass producing the military brass to the same standards as Lake City.

WCC – Winchester Cartridge Company, Olin Ammo Plant, Mississippi.

PMJ – Poongsan Metals Company, South Korea.

SBS – Santa Barbara Systems, Spanish, under General Dynamics.

FC – Federal Catridge, Anoka, Minnesota

Having processed over 6 tons of military 308 brass, we’ve gotten to know each of these headstamps better than just by name.  For starters, all of these headstamps are of high quality.  They’re all thick walled and suitable for several reloads.  As of December 1st, the mixture of our processed 308 mixed military headstamp brass is an estimated 45% Lake City, 45% WCC and 10% PMJ.

During processing, the difference between LC, WCC, and PMJ is noticeable.  Both WCC and PMJ process much easier, as if the brass composition is slightly softer.  Not a bad characteristic for once fired brass!  When we were testing our LR308 we ran different sets of our brass through it.  All headstamps, and even the mixed, ran through our rifles just fine, and yielded the same results out to 550 meters – ringing an 18″ steel gong shot after shot.

You might be wondering why the mixed headstamp is slightly cheaper than 100% LC or another headstamp?  Simple – we haven’t yet spent the time to sort it by headstamp.  If you’re looking to save a couple of dollars, give the mixed headstamp a try, we don’t think you’ll be disappointed.  You can even use the different headstamps to tell your different loads apart.


New Website!

Alas, after many hours, our new website is up and running.  It had been a long time coming and we’re glad it’s finally complete.  We’ve redesigned our logo, increased our site security and made it more visually appealing.  We had a minor setback in early October when our websites (, and were attacked and completely erased from the server.  Thankfully, I was prepared with several backups saved in various locations, and was familiar with how to restore service.

We hope you enjoy the new site, find it easier to navigate, and that it provides you with a more enjoyable shopping experience.  Should you come across any errors during your browsing, I invite you to  email me directly at

Happy Reloading!