Checkout Help

Here are the three most common issues experienced during checkout, and their solutions.

Credit Card Expiration Date:  The format is MMYY.  There is no “/” required.  For example June of 2020 would be input as “0620”

You’re not sure if your order went through?  An email confirmation of your order is automatically dispatched upon a successfully placed order.  If you have not received an email within 15 minutes of placing your order, please first check your spam folder.  Still not there?  Chances are your order did not go through.  You may try again, or opt to email us with your order.  We do accept email orders (and prefer them over phone orders); simply email us at with your full name, order, billing and shipping addresses.  You may send your credit card information in your email, or we will send you an invoice link for you to complete payment in a secure environment

Credit Card Declined?  Verify your information is correct.  Call your credit card company.