Mixed Military Headstamp

processed Lake City 308 Brass Processed 308 brass WCC 308

Mixed Military Headstamp

Now Available!  Processed 308 Mixed Military Headstamp Brass.

You asked, we delivered.

Lake City is the one headstamp most reloaders associate with military brass.  The Lake City Ammo Plant has the main contract to provide ammunition to the military for training and combat purposes.  In those times of a shortage, supply is supplemented by other contracted ammunition plants capable of mass producing the military brass to the same standards as Lake City.

WCC – Winchester Cartridge Company, Olin Ammo Plant, Mississippi.

PMJ – Poongsan Metals Company, South Korea.

SBS – Santa Barbara Systems, Spanish, under General Dynamics.

FC – Federal Catridge, Anoka, Minnesota

Having processed over 6 tons of military 308 brass, we’ve gotten to know each of these headstamps better than just by name.  For starters, all of these headstamps are of high quality.  They’re all thick walled and suitable for several reloads.  As of December 1st, the mixture of our processed 308 mixed military headstamp brass is an estimated 45% Lake City, 45% WCC and 10% PMJ.

During processing, the difference between LC, WCC, and PMJ is noticeable.  Both WCC and PMJ process much easier, as if the brass composition is slightly softer.  Not a bad characteristic for once fired brass!  When we were testing our LR308 we ran different sets of our brass through it.  All headstamps, and even the mixed, ran through our rifles just fine, and yielded the same results out to 550 meters – ringing an 18″ steel gong shot after shot.

You might be wondering why the mixed headstamp is slightly cheaper than 100% LC or another headstamp?  Simple – we haven’t yet spent the time to sort it by headstamp.  If you’re looking to save a couple of dollars, give the mixed headstamp a try, we don’t think you’ll be disappointed.  You can even use the different headstamps to tell your different loads apart.

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