• 300 Blackout Brass

Processed 300 Blackout Brass


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Product Description

Processed 300 Blackout Brass

High quality, once fired, fully processed 300 Blackout brass. Our processed 300 Blackout brass is converted from once fired Lake City 5.56 brass and fully reconditioned to like-new.  Save your time as we have done the hard work for you.  Our 300 Blackout brass is deprimed, full length resized, primer crimp removed, trimmed to 1.358 +/- .003, cleaned and polished to a brilliant shine.  We use a L.E. Wilson precision case gauge to spot-check our brass during processing.  It comes ready to reload straight out of the bag.  Spend more time making ammo and not converting, cleaning, and processing your brass.   Brass comes sealed in bags, and shipped in a reinforced  USPS Flat Rate Box.  We always provide 2% extra brass in each order to cover any culls or defects.

Our processed 300 Blackout brass is available in quantities of 500 and 1000.

  • Processed 300 Blackout (BLK)

  • Hand sorted – 100% Lake City Headstamp

  • Decapped

  • 500 & 1000 ct quantities

  • Swaged (Not reamed)

  • Full Length Resized

  • Trimmed to 1.358″ ±.003

  • Cleaned

  • Polished



*This is NOT loaded ammunition*

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Weight 1 oz