Dillon 1050 Bearing Kit

Dillon 1050 Bearing Kit


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Dillon 1050Bearing Kits

Installation Instructions found HERE.

This bearing kit upgrade / modification is the most popular, and easily installable, upgrade(s) for the Dillon Super 1050.  These bearing upgrades will assist in the prevention of powder spilling onto the shellplate, reduce OAL variances, and smooth indexing of the press.

All parts are made right here in the USA.

Super 1050

Bearing Kit –

  • (1) Industrial strength, shell plate bearing
  • (1) O-Ring
  • (1) Low-mass buffer detent bearing

Low-Mass Index Ball This is a solid, precise, industrial strength, 1/2″ (1050) -or-  3/8″ (650) delrin ball bearing which replaces the standard steel index ball located under the shell plate.  This upgrade is not only a 568% reduction in total mass, it’s also very lubricious.  This combination, favors a smoother index of the shell plate, eliminating much of the harsh motion caused by the heavy steel ball bearing as it seats into the shell plate.  When combined with the shell plate bearing, practically all powder spillage can be eliminated.  Standard Dillon 1050 ball weight:  129gn; Replacement weight: 22.7gn

Shell plate Bearing – This industrial strength bearing is placed between the shell plate and shell plate lock ring and is the workhorse for removing excess movement when the shell plate indexes.  This excessive movement is typically what cases powder to spill onto the shell plate.

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