Processed 308 Brass – Mixed Headstamp


Processed 308 Brass – Mixed Headstamp

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Have us anneal your order. Improve case life and accuracy through more consistent neck tension.

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Processed 308 Brass – Mixed Headstamp

Sold in increments of 50.  Get the most out of your shipping dollar by purchasing in quantities of 100, 500, and 1300.

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Mixed Military Headstamp 308 brass, MILSPEC 7.62×51 brass, once-fired and fully reconditioned to SAAMI 308 Winchester specification.  Headstamps include an estimated 45% Lake City, 45% WCC and 10% PMJ.  All military brass is thick-walled, tough, and makes a great set of cases for your handloads.  Under normal conditions, and with annealing at the proper intervals, you can expect four to eight reloads per cartridge.  We source brass directly from our Armed Forces, and glad to put it back into the hands of shooters across the country.  This is the brass we trust in our rifles and have built our reputation upon.  It works in all platforms to include bolt actions, M1A, and the AR-10 / LR308.

This processed 308 brass comes ready to reload straight out of the bag, and requires no additional resizing, trimming or swaging.  We do recommend a visual inspection and to lightly chamfer the case mouth for ease of seating your projectiles.  This processed 308 brass is also a great starting point for the reloader who wants to perform their own final match prep.  Keep your costs down, and save over 70% when buying our mixed headstamp brass when compared to new Hornady brass.  We fill orders to 101% (extra 10 cases per 1000) and package them in a sealed, heavy duty, retail quality bag perfect for long term storage.

Are you wondering if this is machine gun fired?  The short answer is: Probably, but don’t worry.  There is no way to know exactly which weapon system was used.  The U.S. Military has several weapon systems which currently use the 7.62×51 cartridge, such as the M240, M24, M14, and M110.  The number one consumer of the 7.62×51 cartridge is likely to be the M240 Machine Gun.  We have processed hundreds of thousands of NATO 7.62×51 brass and here to say the old wives tale about machine-gun fired brass being no good, is a myth – we speak from experience.

In certain circumstances, some National Guard or Reserve units may still have some of the old M60 Machine Guns in their Armory.  These older machine guns have a reputation to be rough on brass, however to avoid this possibility, we source our brass from Active Duty military installations only.

  • Mixed Military Headstamp

  • Extra Cases Included

  • Decapped

  • Primer Crimp Removed (Swaged)

  • Full Length Resized

  • Trimmed to 2.006″ ±.003

  • Polished and protected from oxidization.


*This is NOT loaded ammunition*

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Weight 6 oz

Lake City (LC), Winchester Cartridge Company (WCC), and PMJ