Winchester 7.62×39 Brass

Winchester 7.62×39 Brass


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7.62×39 Brass – Processed

Orders placed 9-14 December will begin shipping 15 December. 

7.62×39 Brass, desirable Winchester Headstamp, once-fired and fully reconditioned to SAAMI 7.62 x 39 brass specification.  This brass originated from the U.S. Military, used during foreign weapons training.  100% brass, and 100% boxer primed.  This is a short run, when it’s gone, it’s gone, and we will not be getting any more.  Please be advised, some casings will have a small body dent, consistent with most AK-47 / SKS once fired brass.  We have removed any overly dented casings during our processing and packaging, and include extra to help offset any which we may have missed.

This brass comes ready to reload straight out of the bag, and requires no additional resizing, trimming or swaging.  We do recommend to lightly chamfer the case mouth for ease of seating your projectiles.  This brass is also a great starting point for the reloader who wants to perform their own final match prep.  Keep your costs down, and save over 50% when buying our brass when compared to new Hornady brass.  We fill orders to 101% (extra 10 cases per 1000) and package them in a sealed, heavy duty, retail quality bag perfect for long term storage.

  • Winchester Headstamp

  • 100% Brass / 100% Boxer Primed

  • Extra 2% Included

  • Decapped

  • Full Length Resized

  • Trimmed to 1.520″ ±.003

  • Polished and protected from oxidization.

*This is NOT loaded ammunition*

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