USPS Rate Increase

USPS Rate Increase

Today the USPS, FEDEX and UPS increased their postal rates.  The USPS rate increase was an average of 9.5% across the board.  We never like to hear about these sorts of increases, but they’re inevitable and we must adapt.  There were several other changes which can be read about with a simple google search.  One change worthy of noting is the discontinuation of online Commercial Base Pricing available when purchasing postage direct from  As of today, all online postage purchased through is now billed at the retail / counter rate.  We will continue to offer reasonable shipping rates.  Our rates have increased slightly, but will remain slightly below full price.  Insurance will continue to be 1.2% of the order total.  If you have any additional questions regarding our Shipping / Insurance policies, see our FAQ.

2016 Price Comparisons

  • Small Flat Rate Box

    USPS Rate:  $6.80

    Our Rate:  $6.50

  • Medium Flat Rate

    USPS Rate – $13.45

    Our Rate – $13.00

  • Large Flat Rate

    USPS Rate – $18.75

    Our Rate – $18.00

USPS Rate Increase

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